I got a personal invitation for the burger&beer night in the glutenfree restaurant Biota in Ghent. Since I didn’t have any plans yet for Friday evening on the 5th of February, I decided to go! One of my good friends, Laure, joined me.

Biota organised this burgernight because of the opening of a pop-up photo gallery and jewelry shop in the restaurant.2016-02-05 18.38.15

We started the evening with a glass of cava mixed with roomer. We didn’t have to pay for it, we got it for free, wow!

We could choose between five burgers to eat. The owners know me, so they asked me on forehand what I wanted to eat. That way, they could be allergy prepared. I chose for the salmon burger. Laure made the same choice.

“Being hungry is the best sauce” is so true. We welcomed our dinner plates with open arms.

Laure enjoyed a salmon burger with tartar sauce and lots of vegetables. I feasted on the big piece of salmon (omega3 for the win!) and the carrotti (carrot spaghetti). 2016-02-05 19.41.20Instead of tartar sauce I got a delicious sort of tomato sauce. We shared a side plate with sweet potato slices. It was delicious (but I’m longing to try an allergy friendly burger for me once, just for the burger shape ;)).

After dinner, we had a look at the pop-up photo gallery and pop-up jewelry shop. I found out that my mom followed a workshop once organised by the jewelry woman (she still wears the beautiful silver necklace she made that day). The alderman of art and culture in Ghent made a speech we listened to, but on the same time we looked around at all the beautiful pictures and jewels.

2016-02-05 20.50.39For dessert, Laure drank a white chocolate milk. I tried the chai latte with rice milk. It was delicious! Biota is one of the only places that not only replaces milk with soy or almond milk. They also have rice milk as an alternative. It’s lovely.

We had a great night in Biota. I love this place. The owners are so (allergy) friendly.

I recommend Biota to all people, with or without allergies, you have to go!


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